Rise of Veganism - jump on the wagon with Hemp Products!

The practice of avoiding any kind of animal or dairy products is known as Veganism. Anyone who follows something similar is considered as Vegan. The word vegan is gaining steady interest & some recent year studies also show that the term “vegan” is one of the top searches in India. Also, this Hindu majority country where animals are related to religion and are prayed too is welcoming this trend whole-heartedly.  

From not knowing how to pronounce vegan to knowing someone who’s following this. Several entrepreneurs to celebrities everyone is behind this. Brands are offering ‘animal-friendly’ options and coffee shops have introduced in its menu too. For instance, Starbucks and Cafe Coffee Day also have a vegan alternative to every form of coffee on their menu. This lifestyle is turning heads globally.

One of strongest reasons to adapt this lifestyle that’s being adapted every where from cricket to Bollywood is the positive environmental impact of it. The other benefit of a vegan lifestyle is the impact of this diet on your gut and overall wellness. The changes you notice even after a month of veganism will be enough to make you consider this as a lifetime change. 

Cricketers like Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya have chosen to be vegan to stay in shape for their careers. In Bollywood, celebrities like Sonam Kapoor & Aamir Khan have given the Vegan diet a shot too. Kangana Ranaut, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Lisa Haydon with several others have been part of this bandwagon for a while now. Many who want to try it out are slowly cutting down on the meat & dairy intake, or are simply trying it for a short duration, and it’s working. Once you see the detox and weight-loss benefits it’s impossible to let it slide away.

After all, who doesn’t wants to stay fit?

Also, recently with the light towards climate change and animal abuse, people are understanding it way better. And when it comes to spreading awareness and bringing about change, social media plays an undeniable role. The videos spread like anything online and increase in the number and engagement capability of vegan influencers among the internet has made the youth well aware.

The young generation is proving themselves to be the base in the rise of veganism in India. Instagram as a platform has helped make a vegan diet look more aesthetically pleasing. Such platforms have helped reach a wider range of people and are encouraging towards a healthy lifestyle without contributing to animal suffering.

If you’re an environmentalist by orientation, consider the fact that animal agriculture is the world’s leading cause of habitat destruction and species extinction. Intake of animal meat can not be stopped completely but the least we can do is balance.

Switch to Veganism, stay fit, and stay healthy.

-All Noigra Hemp Products are 100% Vegan.

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