Cannasure Calm - Best Natural Treatment for depression
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ingredients of b-confi-capsules-in-india-cannasure-b-confi-capsules-buy-b-confi-capsules-alternative-natural-medicine-online
Noigra-By Nature For Nature B-confi Capsules in India CannaSure™ B-Confi Capsules by Noigra - By Nature For Nature
Noigra-By Nature For Nature B-confi Capsules in India CannaSure™ B-Confi Capsules1 Month by Noigra - By Nature For Nature
Noigra-By Nature For Nature B-confi Capsules in India CannaSure™ B-Confi Capsules3 Months (Recommended) by Noigra - By Nature For Nature

CannaSure™ B-Confi Capsules

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  • Schedule E-1 Formulation licenced under Ayush Ministry of India. To be Consumed under medical supervision
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Herbal Wellness Supplement

Manufactured with a Comprehensive Blend of Indian Botanical Extracts.

A unique blend of Vijaya extract and 18 other active ingredients.

This is a Schedule E1 product. To be used strictly under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional and with a valid prescription.

Research-Based Formula:
A scientifically-formulated blend of 19 herbal ingredients known for their potential positive impact on the reproductive system, possibly enhancing vitality, endurance, and overall well-being. In traditional Indian wellness practices, the key ingredient has been known for its fast-acting properties and is commonly recommended for various health conditions.


  • May help in improving reduced sexual desire
  • May assist in addressing erectile challenges
  • Could be beneficial for managing early ejaculation
  • Might aid in overcoming psychological factors affecting performance
  • Potentially useful for low sperm count issues
  • May help in boosting reduced stamina
  • Could assist in elevating low energy levels
  • Might be useful for sexual dysfunction in both genders

Recommended Dosage for Adults:
One capsule twice daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Recommended Carrier for Consumption:
Consumption is advised with cow's milk or ghee, or a teaspoon of cow's ghee in cow's milk.

Route of Administration:

Potential Side Effects:
Excessive consumption may lead to drowsiness or sleepiness.

Duration of Intake:
May be consumed for 2-3 months, based on healthcare provider advice.

Directions for Use:
Best taken after meals. Ensure adequate hydration prior to consumption.

Safety Instructions:

  • Conduct a thorough review of the product and its ingredients.
  • Discontinue use if allergic reactions occur.
  • Not recommended for expectant or nursing women.
  • Consult your healthcare provider if you have pre-existing heart conditions or are on other medications.


  • Consume only after meals.
  • Do not mix with alcohol.
  • Not suitable for individuals under 18.
  • Avoid consumption while operating machinery or vehicles.

General Lifestyle Advice:

To Follow:

  • Balanced meals rich in healthy fats.
  • Fresh, warm, and easily digestible food.
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Regular physical exercise and yoga.
  • Adequate sleep.

To Avoid:

  • Processed and frozen meals.
  • Foods high in artificial sweeteners.
  • Late dinners and irregular sleep patterns.
  • Excessive physical exertion.
  • Unhealthy postures.
  • Alcohol and tobacco consumption.

Brand: Noigra®
A Herbal Wellness Supplement.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Prabhjit G.
Enhance Your Wellness with B-Confident

Noigra's Cannasure B-Confident Capsules have been a fantastic addition to my wellness journey, promoting a greater sense of confidence and vitality.

Happy to help You! Regards. Team Noigra.

Vishnu M.
Boosted Confidence and Energy

Since taking Noigra's Cannasure B-Confident Capsules, I've noticed a boost in my confidence and energy levels, making daily life more enjoyable.

Happy to help You! Regards. Team Noigra.

B-Confident with B-Confident Capsules

Noigra's Cannasure B-Confident Capsules have been a great addition to my wellness routine, enhancing my overall confidence and well-being.

Happy to help You! Regards. Team Noigra.

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