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Why Noigra

Safegurading Nature & Environment

By promoting use of Hemp based products , we are taking an important & much required step towards protecting and safeguarding our nature & environment which is under continuous destruction and threat due to large scale unsustainable & polluting activities. The natural resources and reserves are being exploited at massive pace which needs to be reduced if we are to provide our next generations with healthy and safe environment.

Hemp is Mother Nature’s medicine for the PLANET as well its PEOPLE as it is a sustainable and eco-friendly crop that is hugely beneficial for the nature and our environment.

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HEMP – By Nature for Nature

Social Impact

Hemp has been recognised by many countries & now many states in India as a new cash crop that could give farmers who are growing hemp a much better financial return compared to other crops. Hemp has potential to lift the farmers out of poverty and improve their living as well as country’s economy.

Since many farmers in India are not able to get a decent return on their crops and have to face severe financial hardships, we at Noigra feel it is our duty to support & motivate them to grow hemp and at the same time create awareness & promote purchase of hemp based products to support their cultivation.

And its not just for the benefit of the farmers, there is nothing like HEMP! As it provides one of the highest nutritional value food products, multipurpose oil, high strength – highly durable fibre, medicinal extracts etc. which could be further used to make thousands of eco friendly products. Its a “No-Brainer” Crop that benefits all.

Charity Support

At Noigra, we strong believe in philosophy of giving back to society & helping the needy. Therefore we have undertaken a small initiative to set aside a certain potion of our profit for contribution towards charity. So by purchasing our products you are also being part of this initiative and we Thank You for that.

One of the things that our father has always taught us is that no matter how small or big your profits are, you should always contribute a portion of the profit for donation or social cause as it is our duty to give back something to society. We are trying to do just that & hopefully we bring a positive change for someone in need.

100% Recyclable & Re-usable Packaging

We at NOIGRA take “care for nature” & “environment protection” very seriously and therefore all our products come in 100% recyclable & re-usable packaging.

Unlike many other companies that use plastic bottles we use only Glass bottles to pack our Hemp Seed Oil. Glass bottles used in our Hemp Seeds Oil are 100% recyclable and reusable & can be re-used in a variety of ways such as:

  • To Store any other liquid such as hemp milk, hemp smoothie, any other oil, cold pressed juice, homemade ketchup etc:
  • Can be fitted with a spray to water plants or filled with home made surface cleaner.
  • Can be fitted with a pump to be used as soap/ shampoo/ hand wash dispenser.
  • For decorate purpose.
  • As a flower vase or planter.
  • As a decorative hanging light.
  • Bird Feeder & much more.

Our Air tight Metal Tins used to pack our Hemp Hearts & Hemp Protein Powder are very versatile. Along with being 100% recyclable, they can be used in a variety of ways such as:

  • As a storage box for stationary, cutlery, makeup brushes , cookies, small objects, or anything that needs to be kept airtight.
  • Great as organisers.
  • As a flower vase, planters to grow kitchen herbs etc.
  • As a decorative hanging light or lantern.
  • Make DIY scented candles & much more.

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